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Pigeon Point Lighthouse


Arty by Melissa Melissakis
Half Moon Bay, CA  94019

I am often asked at what age I first became an artist.  My answer is that at the age of five I created my first masterpiece and experienced my first art critics.  My drawing was of the nursery rhyme of the old lady who lived in a shoe with all her children.  It was rendered in my mother’s favorite lipstick on my new wallpaper. The critics not knowing where to laugh or cry still gave encouragement.  However, I was recommended to try a different medium.

Even though that was the last time my medium was lipstick on wallpaper, I tried several other mediums.  While in college I found that I loved ceramics but sculpting in clay was still my true love.  I sculpted for many years.  In the 90’s I decided I needed to refresh my artwork and took several more art courses.  While I was taking a refresher sculpting course at the College of San Mateo I was introduced to glass fusing.  I continued fusing glass at the college for a few years then I attended other glass courses and seminars in northern and southern California and Oregon.  I had also learned to etch and carve glass.  I especially like to carve my own drawings into glass, mirror and my fused glass.  My inspiration comes from within and above.  I dream designs and see designs in all the beauty that surrounds me.

Glass fusion was a new and fascinating medium to me, but I discovered the Egyptian chemists made fused and slumped glass to please the pharaohs 4,000 years ago.  I could not help to think how amazed they would be to see the dichroic glass that was developed by the space program and passed along to the artists and the many colors and shapes we artist have to work with now. 

“Mystic Dawn” won First Award and an underwater scene won “Honorable Mention” in 2005.  Some of my pieces have homes throughout the United States and several other countries.

The mystery of the glass process and the delight I get when I open the kiln to see the results have kept me fascinated and passionate with creating art through the glass fusing and carving processes.  It is absolutely amazing and magical to me to see the creation process of artwork before my eyes as I carve into glass. I hope that you will enjoy my fused art glass and carved artwork as much as I enjoy creating it for you.


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